We think of your business like an automobile. Your products and services are the body— they are what everyone sees when they picture your company and what it does for them. Your employees are the engine— they drive the business and get you and your customers where you need to go. But your infrastructure is the chassis— it’s the platform on which everything else is built and it’s often more of an afterthought. Plus, it’s not always obvious when it’s not quite functioning properly. Sure, you can get by on a makeshift framework, but eventually even a minor, uncorrected issue can lead to failure. To get full performance out of your business, you need your infrastructure to be innovative, solid and square.

Your cloud requires a minimum of the following to be viable in today’s computing ecosystem:

  • An access control strategy
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity and contingency plans
  • System and application performance monitoring and scaling
  • Security auditing and management
  • Compliance auditing and management (PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley SOX)
  • Innovative infrastructure strategy planning
  • Constant upgrades to incorporate new technologies that make your infrastructure and your business better

In our automotive analogy, your gas tank is the time and resources you have to spend on new projects. Do you really want to spend your company’s valuable fuel developing an ideal infrastructure? Or would you rather offload your infrastructure to someone who already specializes in cloud services and conserve that fuel to spend on the next version of your products and services?

Let the experts develop the structure to grow your business. Focus on your core competencies, while we provide the state-of-the-art platform you need to succeed. Contact us today for a free consultation.